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Multiplex Cinema Limited (MCL) was established in 1982 in response to the Group's needs of having guaranteed exhibition outlets for its growing number of film releases, and to maintain direct contact with our sister film distributor company, Intercontinental Film Distributors Ltd.'s (IFDL) ultimate customers -the cinemagoers. Currently, MCL operates five cinema sites - MCL JP Cinema (1999) in Causeway Bay, and MCL Metro City Cinema (2000) in Tseung Kwan O, MCL Kornhill Cinema in Taikoo (2002), MCL Telford Cinema in Kowloon Bay (2008), STAR Cinema (2012) and Grand Windsor Cinema (2015)


As MCL moves into the new Millennium, each of these sites will become state-of-the-art entertainment locations that will offer luxury, convenience and unparalleled service to cinemagoers. In 2002, MCL has launched a new online and phone ticketing system, enabling customers to purchase tickets in advance and eliminating the necessity to queue for tickets. This system is the newest available on the market using cutting edge technology and is only available at MCL cinemas. In addition, all seats, projection equipment and sound systems in MCL JP Cinema MCL Kornhill Cinema, MCL Cinema Metro, MCL Telford Cinema, STAR Cinema and Grand Windsor Cinema have been elevated to premium, international standards and are equal to the best available in Hong Kong.


In order to increase the Hollywood ambience of its cinema sites and to capitalize on the human flow attracted to its venues, MCL has installed new boutique merchandising operations in MCL JP Cinema, MCL Metro City Cinema, STAR Cinema and Grand Windsor Cinema. Operating under the trade name 'CineMad', these specialist outlets offer a wide range of fast-moving, movie-related merchandise, including as DVDs & VCDs, toys and movie memorabilia.


MCL is actively seeking out new opportunities in cinema operation. The company's target is to expand its market share by introducing additional sites with more screens in the coming years. All these sites, old and new, will be regularly upgraded to meet the growing need and expectations for modern luxury and convenience of today's sophisticated moviegoers.

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